Indoor / Outdoor / Lost Places
Photography with Post Production / Digital Art
"Air Berlin" With Ginevra Ferraris
"X-Tension" with Ginevra Ferraris
"Il Dirigente" with Greta Nagyova and Filip Veres
"Amadeus" with Stefanie Millinger
"Dive" with Greta Nagyova
"Huricane" with Carla Sonre
"Dollhouse" with Filip Veres and Greta Nagyova
"LÌmpératrice" with Helena Polcikova and Filip Veres
"Paperclip" with Greta Nagyova
"Blue Rays" with Genevra Ferraris
"Free Fall" with Chiara Afilani
"Bloom" with Ella Esperanza Schreiber
"Angel Dust" with Greta Nagyova
"Vortex" with Stefani Millinger
"L`éminence grise" with Helena Polcikova
"Ignition" with Stefanie Millinger
"Where is the egg?" with Helena Polcikova
Under Construction" with Stefanie Millinger
"Toxic" with Filip Veres
"You" with Maria Baeza
"Redux" with Maria Baeza
"Step Into My World" with Mria Baeza
"The Last Goddess" with Maria Baeza
"Living Room" with Claire Breeze
"Crossed lives" with Maria Baeza
"Levitation" with Helena Polcikova
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