My name is Thomas, also known as “Wohl Photography”. I'm a french photographer now based in Cairo, Egypt. My path into the visual arts began about 20 years ago, with graphic design; making flyers and posters mostly for music events. My graphical vision was based on a digital way to use real photos. I also worked on 3D modeling and vectors and never thought about photography as an individual way to express myself.
In 2017,  I got the first time my hands on a DSLR camera. I worked on architecture and symmetrical photography. Later, I had the opportunity to participate in a workshop about nude photography I came in contact with models. At this point, I asked a good friend of mine, who is a professional dancer, if she would like to shoot with me. That was the starting point of everything I do now. I met other dancers and developed more artistic and defined concepts. This expanded to the opportunity to work with circus artists like Stefanie Millinger in Austria, as well as artists from the Cirque du Soleil and dancers from the Friedrichstadt-Palast Berlin.
I work a lot on the picture composition, sometimes doing everything in camera  and sometimes mixing with post production. I am also fascinated by patterns and optical illusions which comes often in my work.My goal is to make the viewer feel involved in a surreal situation or to create a graphical or emotional effect. My style is constantly evolving and I always try new things out, always pushing the limits of perception.

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